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Online Tools & Resources: Grammarly for Students

Tools and resources to support and improve writing comprehension and execution

Download a Grammarly Repoort

Some instructors want their students to turn in a Grammarly report to verify that you used the service. You can download a PDF report of the Grammarly review by selecting the score icon on the bottom right.

Grammarly score button

The goal of this report is to improve your writing and word choice as well as to check for plagiarism. The score itself is a guide, not a grade.

Although you can ignore all of the issues to receive a perfect score of 100, remember that the instructor can also use Grammarly to verify your score.

Contextual Spellchecker

Checks for spelling errors, as well as words that are spelled correctly but were used in the wrong context. For example: to/two/too, here/hear, and or/oar.

Contextual spell checker correction card

Punctuation Checker

Checks for missing and extra punctuation.

Punctuation checker correction card


Checks for writing style problems, and attempts to help avoid redundancy, wordiness, and usage of colloquialisms in your writing.

Style correction card

How to use Grammarly

The PIT Library provides FREE PREMIUM Grammarly accounts for all PIT students, faculty, and staff. 
Contact the Library to set-up your free premium Grammarly account. 

Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly provides a plagiarism checker that cross checks your document with over 8 billion web pages to determine if part of your text has been previously published. If it has, Grammarly will highlight the passage and offer citation suggestions for the passage in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. 

Plagiarism checker correction card

Grammar Checker

Checks for subject-verb agreement, consistent tenses, verb forms, as well as other common grammar mistakes.

Grammar checker correction card

Grammarly - Tone Detector