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Online Tools & Resources: Grammarly for Faculty

Tools and resources to support and improve writing comprehension and execution

Download a Grammarly Report

Some instructors want their students to turn in a Grammarly report to verify that students used Grammarly for an assignment. Students can download a PDF report of the Grammarly review by selecting the score icon on the bottom right and including it with submitted work.

The goal of this report is to improve your writing and word choice as well as to check for plagiarism. The score itself is a guide, not a grade.

Although students can ignore all of the issues to receive a perfect score of 100, it is recommended that teachers also use Grammarly to verify student use and to check for plagiarism.

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Incorporate Grammarly into teaching


Teachers will find Grammarly's editing software best geared toward individual use. Start students off by having them compose or upload shorter pieces, and then use the sidebar alerts to revise their work. While they do this, it might be helpful to offer some guidance and help students exercise judgment when they make changes. Once they are familiar with the tool, they can tackle longer writing tasks. Although students are unlikely to be aware of the hundreds of grammatical suggestions and conventions the site covers, they can become aware of patterns within their writing and steadily improve. The real-time tips will spur reflection and help kids build confidence over time, especially when combined with individual conferences and meaningful feedback.  If the tips within Grammarly aren't enough, try pairing it with another resource such as Purdue Online Writing Lab.  

Students can use the tool to help peers as well, either via peer editing or by uploading an excerpt from a published work and modifying it for a different audience or purpose. Uploading published work will help students understand how even professional writers can make improvements -- or not -- and that these changes depend on the audience and purpose. As a teacher, take advantage of the tool when crafting parent emails, student handouts, or professional communications of any type. Your audience will appreciate the clear, concise writing and the tone specifically tailored to them.