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Faculty Zoom Tools and Skills

10 Faculty Zoom Tools and Skills 

7 Zoom Meeting Tips

Zoom Moodle Integration

How to add a Zoom meeting into your Moodle class
  • In Moodle, go to the course and section you want to add a Zoom meeting to.
  • Make sure Editing is turned on and select Add an Activity.
  • Select Zoom Meeting

Image of adding Zoom meeting

  • Add a Topic for the meeting
  • Add the Zoom meeting specifics

Zoom setting pic

  • You can also add the common Moodle settings to the activity as well as a grade.
  • You will now see the Zoom meeting activity in Moodle
  • Selecting the icon will initiate the meeting.

Note: Any student selecting the Zoom icon and attempting to enter the Zoom meeting will receive the maximum grade. At this time there is no ability to give a partial grade for participation using the Zoom Activity. That will need to be done using a manual assignment.

Note: The first time Zoom is opened you will be asked to download and install the client.

Zoom Desktop App

View in Settings the settings for your Zoom meetings.

  • This includes Audio, Video, General (Application, Content Sharing, and Instant Message)

  •  Feedback, Recording, Account Type (Basic, Pro, etc.), and

  • Stats (Overall, Audio, Video, and Screen Sharing). See Home Screen: Settings for more details.

  1. Select Start without video to start a meeting sharing your desktop or application.

  2. Select Start with video to start a video meeting.

  3. Select Schedule to set up a future meeting.

  4. Select Join to join a meeting that has already started. 

Home screen pic
Home Screen Dropdown

From the Home Screen drop-down menu, you can:

  • Set your availability to Available or Busy.
  • Change your account picture.
  • Check for updates to Zoom.
  • Get help using Zoom.
  • Switch to another Zoom account
  • Log out or exit Zoom. 

Home Screen drop down

Upcoming Meetings

When you select the Meetings icon, you can:

  1. View Upcoming or meetings you have Recorded.
  2. View your Personal Meeting ID (PMI).
  3. Select whether you always want to use your Personal Meeting Identifier (PMI) for instant meetings on the current computer.
  4. For Recurring Meetings, you can:
  • Start the meeting
  • Edit the meeting settings.
  • Schedule the meeting in Outlook or Google Calendar, or, copy the meeting invitation to send via email or message.

For Scheduled Meetings, you can:

  • Start the meeting
  • Edit the meeting settings.
  • Delete the meeting.
  • Copy the meeting invitation. 

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