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Online Tools & Resources: Zoom for Students

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Zoom Etiquette


  1. All Pennsylvania Institute of Technology conduct policies apply to online, hybrid, and on-campus classrooms.  

    • See The PIT Student Handbook

  2. Be on time for your online class, just as you would be for an in-person class.

  3. Clothing is not optional! Come prepared to be on camera; dress appropriately, as you would for an in-person class.

  4. Use your legal or preferred name as indicated on the class roster. 

  5. It's always nice to announce your name so others know who is speaking.

  6. Respect everyone's privacy and expectations. Just as visitors are not permitted in the physical classroom without approval, no one besides yourself should attend ZOOM class meetings. 

  7. Be aware of, and in control of, what everyone can see on your screen. If you can’t control what is on your screen, use a Virtual Background.

  8. Mute your microphone when you are not speaking.

  9. Know your faculty/instructor’s preferences for video.  Ask your faculty/instructor if is it ok, or not ok, to attend class without your video on.

  10. Turn off video if your screen freezes - it might help stabilize your connection - and let your instructor know.

  11. Use the chat feature if you have comments while others are speaking as opposed to interrupting them.

  12. Only post chat messages relevant to the class meeting and remember that all chats, including those you engage in “privately”, are recorded in the ZOOM session notes that your instructor can view after the ZOOM session ends.  

  13. Do NOT drive and zoom at the same time - that is not safe!


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